5″ x 7″ Political Postcards

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14 pt. Coated Two Sides

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Product Description

Introducing  5″ x 7″ Political Campaign Postcards, designed to make a bold statement and captivate voters’ attention. These postcards are the perfect tool to amplify a campaign message, promote candidacy, and engage the target audience.

The 5″ x 7″ dimensions of these postcards offer ample space to showcase a campaign’s visuals, slogans, and key messages. The larger format allows for more impactful graphics and detailed information, ensuring the campaign stands out from the competition.

Professionally design postcards in minutes with the online design tool. Utilize eye-catching colors, sharp imagery, and skillful layout, these postcards are sure to make a lasting impression, leaving a positive image of the campaign in the minds of voters.

Personalize postcards with campaign-specific elements such as the candidate’s photo, campaign logo, and unique branding. Choose from various design templates or create a custom design that aligns with a campaign’s identity and values. This customization helps create a cohesive and professional image for the campaign.

The larger size of these postcards gives the ability to communicate a campaign’s message with greater detail and impact. Whether it’s highlighting your key policies, accomplishments, or vision for the future, these postcards provide sufficient space to convey the campaign’s core messages effectively.

Our postcards are printed on high-quality coated 2 side stock, ensuring durability and a polished, professional finish. The sturdy construction guarantees that postcards will withstand the postal journey and arrive in pristine condition, ready to make a powerful impression on voters.

Multi-Purpose Uses

Utilize these postcards in various campaign activities. They can be used as direct mailers, handed out at rallies and events, placed on campaign literature display tables, or distributed during door-to-door canvassing efforts. Their versatility makes them an essential tool for reaching and engaging voters across different channels.

Incorporate a clear and compelling call-to-action on your postcards to motivate recipients to take action. Whether it’s urging them to attend an upcoming campaign event, volunteer, or donate to your cause, these postcards serve as a tangible reminder and a catalyst for voter engagement.

The 5″ x 7″ Political Campaign Postcards offer an affordable and cost-effective solution to promote a campaign. With their larger size and impactful design, they provide exceptional value for reaching a wide audience and making a strong impression within any budget.

Elevate a campaign’s visibility and connect with voters on a deeper level with our 5″ x 7″ Political Campaign Postcards. With an impressive size, attention-grabbing design, and customization options, these postcards are a powerful tool to amplify your campaign’s message and generate support. Leave a lasting impression, inspire action, and propel a campaign towards success with these high-quality postcards.

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14 pt. White Paper Stock – Thick Coated


5" x 7"

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