Why am I getting errors when trying to process my credit card?

The No. 1 Reason why credit card transactions do not go through is because the zip code you used in the billing address does not match the zip code associated with the credit card being used. These two zip codes must be the same.

Note, that every time you try to submit a credit card order, even if it doesn’t get fully processed or captured, a pending charge is sent to your bank/credit institution to check that the funds are available. This may show up looking like you have been charged however those pending charges usually fall off within 1-3 business days. Also note: You may see the charge on your credit card statement listed as Matt Industries, INC. This is our parent company.

PLEASE always remember that MoreWIthPrint.COM is owned by Dupli and we have an A+ Rating with The BBB. If for some reason your credit card appears to be charge in correctly, please call us and leave a message. You can also send us an email. We realize that trying to place an order can sometimes be frustrating if the credit card does not go through for one reason or another. We will help you, just reach out to us. Thanks.

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